How can you afford to travel to all of these games?

Mostly my money is earned through demeaning prostitution of my body on street corners in Austin. But in all honesty, the trips are done in the smartest fashion possible. Gas and hotels are split as many ways as we can and free tickets are utilized at every opportunity. The real fact of the matter is that while most other folks are enjoying trips to sunny locales during the summer, I’m hard at work saving cash to travel the country from November to April. College basketball is my vacation.

Okay, but how much have you spent on all of these trips?

More than I’d probably care to know. If I ever took the time to fire up Quicken and run a report using the “Road Trip” category, I’m sure I’d see a huge, ugly number staring back at me in red font. But why would I want to do that?

Why are there only about 20 photo galleries when you’ve been to more than 200 games?

Unfortunately, I’m often working 40 hours a week in addition to attending two games (one of which is usually on the road) and watching enough games to stay on top of other teams throughout the Big 12 and the rest of the NCAA. And for the first year and a half of this crazy journey, you could include my college classes in that busy mix, which resulted in a noticeable lack of time to do all that I needed and wanted to do. At this point, I likely have thousands of photographs, a few dozen videos, and tons of stories from the road that are just waiting to be shared. I’m slogging my way through the editing, uploading, and captioning during the offseason, so you’ll see more galleries pop up between now and November.

How many consecutive games have you attended?

After the loss to Houston in the CBI, I’ve now attended 254 consecutive Texas games, dating back to the Big 12 Tournament championship game against Kansas in 2006. The streak also includes a bunch of other games not involving Texas, and I hope to add more non-Texas games and arenas to the itinerary in future seasons.

As always, I’m willing to answer questions via e-mail and the comments section on the website. If I start to get a lot of the same questions that aren’t addressed on this page, you can be sure I will update it to appease the masses. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your visit!